Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Policy Brief 2016

Please find the following Policy and Procedures based on the MINISTRY OF NATIONAL GUARD-HEALTH AFFAIRS

Staff Attendance and Punctuality
• Employees who are using attendance sheet, will record the actual arrival and departure time in a legible manner and initial in the column shown on the attendance sheet on a daily basis as soon as they arrive/depart the workplace
• Any employee requesting permission for late arrival to/early departure from the workplace for any reason, will also record the actual arrival and/or departure time and initial the attendance sheet
• Any employee found absent without prior notification /approval of the immediate supervisor will be liable for disciplinary action as per the Employee Relations
• Department Heads are required to notify Administrative Audit, IA&OD of their scheduled working hours and lunch breaks to be adopted and followed constantly by all employees of respective departments
• 30min Before/After Will considered as permission
• Permission /leave/absence from the department
• Local leave a week ahead before the actual date of departure

Sick leave
• Patients admitted to National Guard Health Affairs healthcare facilities shall notify as soon as possible his/her supervisor. A sick leave report form shall be utilized for approval regardless of the number of days, as per policy.
• If an employee is admitted for an acute illness in another hospital in the local area, employee shall notify, as soon as feasible, his/her Supervisor. A full Medical Report must be presented with sick leave to the Executive Director, Medical Services/Executive Regional Director for approval within one (1) week after discharge.

Dress Code
• Long-sleeved shirt with collar and tie. Shirts will be properly buttoned and worn tucked inside the trousers (Male)
• Trousers and appropriate business shoes (Male)
• Ankle-length dress or ankle-length skirt which covers the ankle, without slits
• Loose-fitting blouse or tops. Low-cut necklines are not allowed
• Loose fitting trousers that cover the ankle
• Denim jeans, form-fitting clothes and transparent clothes are not permitted at any time.
• Wear their identification (ID) badge while on duty as per badge must be displayed above the waist and be readable at all times, i.e. name, title, and picture must be clearly visible
• Ensure their uniforms and laboratory coats are neat and in good repair
Table of Violations and Penalties: