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1 Workbook and lab manual for sonography: introduction to normal structure and function. 4th edition. Curry, Reva Arnez and Tempkin, Betty Bates
2 Clinical application of mechanical ventilation. 4th edition. Chang, David W.
3 Biostatistics for the biological and health sciences with stat disk. Triola, Marc M. and Triola, Mario F.
4 Physical Rehabilitation. 6th edition. O'Sullivan, Susan B.
5 The intentional relationship: occupational therapy and use of self. Taylor, Renee R.
6 Sectional anatomy: for imaging professionals. 3rd edition. Kelly, Lorrie L. and Petersen, Connie M
7 Rad tech's guide to equipment operation and maintenance. Seeram, Euclid
8 Bontrager's handbook of radiographic positioning and techniques. 8th edition. Bontrager,Kenneth L. and Lampignano,John P.
9 Merril's pocket guide to radiography. 13th edition. Long, Bruce W. , Rollins, Jeannean Hall and Smith, Barnara J.
10 Chesney's equipment for student radiographers. 4th edition. Carter, Peter
11 Handbook of MRI technique. 4th edition Westbrook, Catherine
12 Handbook of MRI scanning. Burghart, Geraldine and Finn, Carol Ann
13 Critical care pharmacotherapeutics. Johnson, Thomas J.
14 Pulmonary rehabilitation: an interdisciplinary approach. Garrod Rachel
15 Radiographic exposure: principles and practice. Wallace, Jerry Ellen
16 Molecular diagnostics: fundamentals, methods and clinical applications. Buckingham, Lela
17 Radiographic imaging: concepts and principles. 5th edition. Carlton, Richard R. and Adler, Arlene M.
18 Radiation protection: in medical radiology. 7th edition. Statkiewicz-Sherer, Mary Alice, 1945
19 Manipal manual of clinical biochemistry. 4th edition. Nayak B, Shivananda
20 MRI in practice. 4th edition. Westbrook, Catherine
21 Introduction to occupational therapy. 4th edition. O'Brien, Jane Clifford.
22 Gait anaysis : normal and pathological function. 2nd edition. Perry,Jaqueline
23 Urinalysis and body fluids. 6th edition. Strasinger, Susan King
24 Occupational therapy models for intervention with children and families. Dunbar, Sandra Barker
25 Group dynamics in occupational therapy: the theoretical basis and practice application of group intervention. 4th edition. Cole, Marilyn B.
26 The successful occupational therapy fieldwork student. Karen, Sladyk
27 Anesthesia equipment: principles and applications. 2nd edition. Ehrenwerth, Jan, Eisenkraft, James B and Berry James M.
28 Respiratory disease: a case study approach to patient care. 3rd edition. Wilkins, Robert L.
29 Occupational therapy practice framework: domain & process. American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)
30 Manual of molecular and clinical laboratory immunology. 7th edition. Detrick, Barbara
31 Evidence-based physical therapy. Fetters, Linda and Tilson, Julie
32 Rehabilitation for the postsurgical orthopedic patient. 3rd edition. Maxey, Lisa and Magnusson, Jim
33 Handbook of developmental disabilities Odom, Samuel L.
34 Clinical immunology and serology: a laboratory perspective. 3rd edition. Stevens, Christine Dorresteyne.
35 Medical parasitology: a self-instructional text. 6th edition. Leventhal, Ruth and Cheadle, Russel F.
36 Diagnostic Enzymology. 2nd edition. Kazmierczak, Steven C.
37 In vitro and in vivo hemolysis : an unresolved dispute in laboratory medicine. Lippi,Giuseppe
38 Textbook of diagnostic microbiology. 5th edition. Mahon, Connie R.
39 The fundamentals of imaging physics and radiobiology. 9th edition. Selman, Joseph
40 Practical clinical biochemistry. 4th edition. Varley, Harold
41 Respiratory home care: the essentials. Dunne, Patrick J.
42 Occupational therapy in acute care. Smith-Gabai, Helene.
43 Fundamentals of polysomnography and sleep disorder. Kilkenny, Thomas M.
44 Basic arrhythmias. Walraven, Gail
45 Manual of dietetic practice Gandy, Joan
46 Polysomnography workbook Kilkenny, Thomas M.
47 Handbook of anatomy and physiology for students of medical radiation technology. Volume 1. Mallett, M.
48 Physiotherapy and occupational therapy for people with cerebral palsy: a problem based approach to assessment and management. Dodd, Karen J., Imms, Christine and Taylor, Nicholas F.
49 Fuchs's radiographic exposure and quality control. Carrol, Quinn B.
50 Clinical application of blood gases. 5th edition. Shapiro, Barry A.
51 Written registry exam review for respiratory care: guidelines for success. 2nd ed. Wojciechowski, William V.
52 Nutrition therapy and pathophysiology.3rd ed. Nahikian-Nelms, Marcia.
53 Choose your foods : food lists for diabetes Academy of nutrition and dietetics. (American Diabetes Association)
54 Nutrition through the life cycle. 5th ed. Brown, Judith E.
55 Food medication interactions. 18th ed. Pronsky,Zaneta M.
56 American dietetic association: complete food and nutrition guide. 4th ed. Duyff, Roberta Larson
57 Dietetics practice and future trends. 3rd ed. Winterfield, Esther A.
58 Foodservice Planning: layout, design and equipment. 4th ed. Alamanza, Barbara A.
59 The airway cam guide to intubation and practical emergency airway management. Levitan, Richard M.
60 Fine needle aspiration cytology. Sidawy, Mary K.
61 Egan's fundamentals of respiratory care Kacmarek, Robert M. (ed.)
62 Lehninger principles of biochemistry. 6TH edition. Nelson, David L.
63 ClinicalChemistry:principles, technique and correlations Bishop, Michael L.
64 Mosaic Reading 1. 6th edition. Wegmann,Brenda and Knezevic,Miki.
65 Radiologic science for technologists: physics, biology and protection. 10th edition. Bushong,Stewart Carlyle