Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


To be recognized as an EMS center of excellence, using advanced concepts of the best evidence-based emergency medical services education to attract the best students and faculty


To provide outstanding pre-hospital medical education and educators’ training to serve as a resource for EMS workers to pursue new knowledge and advance the practice of EMS.


• Excellence and accountability in the conduct of education, research, patient care and community engagement.

• Integrity, professionalism and ethical behavior that embody the principles of altruism, beneficence, and justice.

• Promote patient care, learning, research and productivity, engaging in relationships based on courtesy and respectful communication.

• Leadership and teamwork.

• Place the patient welfare, comfort, and privacy first when planning and implementing initial care.


• Be a safe practitioner, in accordance with relevant policies and procedures.

• Be proficient in performing primary and secondary patient assessment and using the information to develop diagnoses and plan ongoing care.

• Demonstrate competence with a broad range of basic and advanced clinical skills.

• Use critical thinking skills and make value judgments regarding patient care to ensure optimum outcomes.

• Manage a routine scene in which people need emergency care and understand the principles of managing a major incident.

• Behave in a professional and ethical manner, complying with relevant codes of conduct of ambulance services or professional bodies.

• Understand the importance of lifelong learning to maintain current in their professional knowledge and participate in generating evidence-based practices.

• Adopt a professional approach to teaching and mentoring subsequent generations of students and graduates.

• Integrate the best research with clinical expertise (evidence-based practice).