Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


The mission of the Respiratory Care program at KSAU-HS is to offer an excellent learning environment that fosters critical thinking and qualifies self-sufficient graduates who will serve the community in the KSA, take the responsibility for their learning, and have good problem-solving skills. The program promotes self-development, encourages professional leadership, and promotes strong appreciation of ethical values. In addition, the program emphasizes the quality of patient care and provides students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for their profession.


To introduce an academic program in respiratory care with a strong regional and national academic and research reputation for the benefit of improving community health services all over the country.


  • To provide an appropriate learning environment to acquire hands-on experiences.
  • To promote self-directed and self-sufficient graduates who attend to their professional growth and adapt to different situations and needs.
  • Implant professional attitudes, values, ethics, patient dignity, and safety.
  • Prepare competent respiratory therapist graduates to meet market expectations and standards of the KSA.
  • Develop and improve the spirit of leadership and teamwork.
  • Work competently with high technology equipment.
  • Process problem-solving skills through gathering information and critical thinking to become better decision makers.
  • Work competently with high technology equipment.