Committee Charge:

1. To define and implement the objectives, goals and structure of the College of Applied Medical Sciences curriculums (Clinical Nutrition, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Emergency Medical Services, Respiratory Therapy, radiology science, Occupational Therapy, and Anesthesia).
2. To oversee the teaching, organization and management of CAMS educational programs.
3. To review and analyze data reported by the College Programs Evaluation and Student Assessment Committees and formulate educational policies.
4. To oversee the evaluation of contents of courses to identify areas of deficiency or redundancy in the curriculums and to correct or modify these where appropriate.
5. To recommend major changes in the curriculums or course structure, duration or order, or addition of a new required course as deemed necessary for improvement of curriculums.
6. To assign, with the consent of the department involved, the Faculty Staff for teaching college students.
7. To report to Educational Affairs, CAMS Council unresolved problems in the teaching of the curriculums.
8. To plan continuous assessment of students and end of course/semester examinations in coordination with the Student Assessment Committee.
9. To establish subcommittees for specific functions.
10. To consider all matters related to college education of students and accordingly make appropriate recommendations.



Dr. Adnan Ishgi

Prosthodontics Consultant, Dental, NGHA

Head Committee

Dr. Anwar Borai

Assistant Professor, Clinical Biochemistry

Dr. Shatha Alshareef

Assistant Professor, Radiology, NGHA

Dr. Samah Qassas

Occupational Therapist, NGHA

Dr. Ahmad Attas

Consultant of Anesthesia and Pine Management, NGHA

Dr. Nagat ElToum

Lecturer, Clinical Nutrition, CAMS-J

Mr.Raid Alzahrani

Lecturer, Respiratory Therapy Program, CAMS-J

Mr. Adnan Alsulami

Lecturer, Emergency Medical Services, CAMS-J

Council Charge:

1) To oversee the Assessment unit’s function and processes.
2) To review and analyze the report and output of the Assessment unit.
3) To recommend changes, additions and solutions to the Assessment unit’s function and processes.
4) To suggest key performance indicators for the Assessment unit.
5) To establish subcommittees for specific function.
6) To submit a report every semester to the CAMS-J Executive group (CAMS-J EG).



Dr. Khulood Al Siary

Assistant Professor

Head Committee

Dr. Azzah Aljabarti

Assistant Professor.

Dr. Lama Ibrahim Sultan

Clinical Dietician.

Mr. Kamran Wasi

Acting Coordinator.

Mr.Raid Alzahrani

Lecturer, Respiratory Therapy Program, CAMS-J

Amani Al Ghamdi

Acting Coordinator, CAMS-J

Sultan Al Shabraweshi

Administrative Assistant III, CAMS-J

Initial Aims:

1. To Review the NCAAA requirements and guidelines.
2. To prepare for the CAMS-NCAAA application
3. To introduce the process of accreditation to all faculty members at CAMS to lead the department all the way through accreditation



Dr. Taghreed Shams

Assistant Dean, CAMS-J, KSAU-HS.

Head Committee

Dr. Ahmed Aldarmahi

Assistant Professor of Reproductive Medicine & IVF

Dr. Mustafa Daghistani

Assist. Professor, Molecular Genetics, CAMSJ

Dr. Najlaa Al-Mana

Assistant Professor, Clinical Nutrition, CAMSJ-F

Dr.Roaa Al Sharif

Assistant Professor, Radiology, CAMSJ-F

Mr.Raid Alzahrani

Lecturer, Respiratory Therapy Program, CAMSJ

Mr. Adnan Alsulami

Lecturer, Emergency Medical Services, CAMSJ

Ms. Mashaill Alowaidhi

Admin assistant II

Mr. Khaled M Fallatah

Supervisor Physiotherapy, KAMC

Mr. Taha Zaini

Administrative Assistant II, CAMSJ

Bader Abu Rasain

Administrative Assistant II, CAMSJ

Council Charge:

1) To promote and oversee the research activities of the CAMS-J faculty and students.
2) To enhance high quality research in specific field in a high priority demographic research pertinent to Saudi Arabia.
3) To provide and support research education to the CAMS-J faculties and students who are interested in carrying out research.
4) To review and approve student research activities.
5) To promote collaboration between CAMS-J, KAIMRC, NGHA and other national research organizations.



Dr. Basem Al Saywid

Assistant Professor, Urinology, Jeddah, KSAU-HS.

Deputy Chairman:

Dr. Anwar Borai

Program Director, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, CAMS-J


Dr. Najlaa Al Mana, Program Director

Clinical Nutrition, CAMS-J

Dr. Maan Jamjoom, Program Director

Emergency Medical Services, CAMS-J

Mr. Raid Al Zahrani, Program Director

Respiratory Therapy Program, CAMS-J

Dr. Roa’a Alshareef, Assistant Professor

Radiology, CAMS-J