Public Relation

About Public Relation


The PUBLIC RELATIONS is the department responsible for connecting the CAMS with the public inside and outside the university, through eliciting and communicating public comments and feedback to CAMS administration for study and consideration.


  • To introduce CAMS services, facilities, plans, programs, activities, achievements, regulations, bylaws, mission and objectives to the public.
  • To create and reinforce a positive image of CAMS .
  • To promote the academic and cultural role of CAMS .
  • design a comprehensive plan for the media and public relations at the college in line with the university's policies.
  • To engage in media communication partnerships with social organizations, sectors on society.

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    Departement Staff

    Mr. Bander Albarakati

    Ext. 46344

    Profesor Name
    Ms. Dawlat Aljared

    Ext. 46075