Dean's Message

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In the name of Allah, The most gracious the most merciful
All prayers and peace are upon the prophet Mohammed and upon his family and companions.

Welcome dear visitor to College of Applied Medical Sciences – Jeddah. This college is one of King Saud bin Abdul-Aziz University for Health Sciences colleges. It is one of the current colleges established to achieve a number of goals with priority to the effective contribution to building a character that is creative in its work, loyal to its nation, and successful in its performance.
The college aims to be a pioneering force in the field of Applied Medical Sciences. It further seeks in its mission to produce exceptional competencies that are giving and innovative in the field of specialty, enriches groundbreaking scientific research, and contribute to social services.
Our college is unique for its highly efficient faculty and exceptional administrative staff whose team-work is outstanding. This team works in distinctive harmony, cooperation, and compassion and synchronizes it all to achieve the scientific and academic mission which is reflected on their performance in the work environment.

We wish you an informative visit where our colleagues worked hard to provide the whole picture for all that matters to honored visitors.

May Allah guide us to the straight path.

Dr. Ali AlShareef

Dean of Applied Medical Sciences College