Echocardiography Cardiovascular Technology (ECVT) Program

Program Mission & Vision


The mission of Echo-Cardiovascular Technology (ECVT) Program at KSAU-HS is to provide undergraduate education that ensures graduation of knowledgeable and competent Echo Cardiovascular Technologists who are committed to serve patients and practice safe and professional echocardiography procedures.


The Echo-Cardiovascular Technology (ECVT) Program at KSAU-HS looks forward to become one of the best regional and international programs in its field and gain the respect of medical community and recognition of professional organizations.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Prepare graduate to become competent.
  2. Develop and implement comprehensive ECVT curriculum.
  3. Involve students in community -based activities and encourage their active participation in scientific medical meetings.
  4. Prepare graduate with research skills to be able to conduct health -related research projects by providing them the required theoretical and practical platforms.


Echocardiography Cardiovascular Technology

The Echocardiography Cardiovascular Technology program equips students with high level of education; provide students with evidence based knowledge and skills to allow them to offer high quality care for patients, which is in line with the University’s mission and goals.

The Echocardiography Cardiovascular Technology program will provide competency based education, linking professional and ethical concepts to clinical practice in order to prepare graduates for the world of working within cardiovascular medicine. The program will also cover all aspects of education and training to produce cardiovascular technologists with abilities parallel to their colleagues in the rest of the world.

The period of study for the Bachelor of Cardiovascular Technology is four years followed by a one year of internship which student will receive a clinical training in one of the units of Cardiovascular Technology in the hospitals. Students in the program receive coursework in Physiology for Echocardiography Technology, Principles of Cardiac Pathology, Doppler Physics and Cardiac Hemodynamics, Congenital heart disease and Trans esophageal Echocardiography. Working under the guidance of a faculty mentor, each student completes a research project, collects and analyzes data, and presents the results in both written and oral formats.


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Third Year Courses:

Fourth Year Courses:



Dr. Jamilah Saad Al-Rahimi

Program Director
Ex: 85/25808

Dr. Ayman Al-Shaikh

Coordinator, Cardiovascular Technology Program
Email: elshiekhay@NGHA.MED.SA

Dr. Yasser Ismail

Co-coordinator, Cardiovascular Technology Program.
Email: IsmailYA@NGHA.MED.SA

Ms. Rahaf Al-Shehri

Teaching Assistant
Ex: 46083



Mrs. Mona Al-Khuzaie

Administrative Assistant III