College Council

College Council Responsibilities

  • Propose the appointment of faculty members, teaching assistants, and lecturers and propose their secondment, delegation, and promotion.
  • Propose study plan of college program or their amendment in coordination with academic departments.
  • Propose curricula and textbook references for the departments of the college.
  • Encourage conduction of scientific research, coordination or research activities between the departments of the college and undertake its publication.
  • Propose examination schedules and make arrangement for conducting the exams.
  • Propose the internal bylaws of the college.
  • Propose plans for training and scholarship needed for the college.
  • Propose the extracurricular activities plan for the college.
  • Resolve issues related to students that are with its jurisdiction, and forward others to the university council.
  • Consider matters forwarded by the university council, its chairman or deputy chairman and provide the college opinion.